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The Process of a Newborn Shoot | Miami, FL Newborn Photographer


I understand that newborn shoots can be scary. I am a mother myself, and I know the fear that comes into play when someone else is handling my child.

Baby safety is my number one priority always. A picture is not worth risking the safety of your child. When booking a newborn photographer, please ensure that they have training in the safety of posing newborns.

I want you to know that you have nothing to worry about. Here at Jennifer Ariel Photography, we take pride in our vast experience with newborn sessions. These sessions are our passion. They're not only our specialization, but they are what we live for.

The photos in this post are baby Senna. His mom contacted me when he was just 7 days old, and I got to take pictures of him the very next day. He was an absolutely angel! His mom had her heart set on the school setup, and he did not disappoint. He even gave us a smirk, modeling perfectly for the camera!


Newborn sessions are typically 3 hours long, but this depends on the baby. To prepare for a shoot, we invite parents to come into our studio and relax while I wash my hands, take your baby out of the car seat, and dress the baby for our session. I do this very gently and quietly so I don't wake your baby. I then always turn on a heater and white noise in the studio to ensure that your baby is comfortable. Then we begin our session.

It is important to note that every baby is different. Some wake more easily than others, and it is my job to detect this and change my posing flow accordingly. I will choose poses that will be most comfortable for your baby.

If your baby awakens during our session to feed, we will pause to feed him/her and wait until he/she gets sleepy once again.


For posed newborn sessions, I try and recommend that these are done under 14 days post-birth. This ensures that they are able to stay asleep, thus making their comfortability and my posing easier.

It is important to note that after 2 weeks, baby's bones harden, thus making it more difficult to create womb poses. No matter the age, not every baby will fall into every pose.

For best session results, babies will be under 14 days when we do our session. Also, it is helpful to feed them before you arrive so they sleep easily. I also recommend pacifiers, as this can help tremendously while posing.

It is my hope that this article gave you insight on how much we love our job and how prepared we are for your session.

I am currently booking dates through November. Book now to get your spot!

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